I N T E R N A T I O N A L 

Stall Helsingehus 

Show Jumping Horses

Caretto Winns in Poland Ciekocinko Stable! Baltica Tour 2014!  www.justriding.com

I had a lovely time in Magna Racino Austria with 7wins!


You can bye or order Mitavite food from me in Sweden or Spain!


MAN -11 TGS 26.400 living 2012. 6 horses lorry with big living popout and popup. KRISMAR Horse Trucks Belgium.

Stable Sweden

We have a stable with 12 boxes. 4 in one stable and 8 in another one. We have one outdoor school 65x25m, one horsewalker with 4 paces, one gallopp track on 1,1km and an Indoor school 22 x 43m. We have 7hectar of grass feelds for the hores.

E Lucky in the solarium!                                                    All the horses in the new stable with 4 boxes!


Viva la Espana!

More info and pic coming soon!

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